Fictitious ‘Real Shelter Dogs of Georgia’ cast featured on Bravo site

My BFF Jill
My BFF Jill

A metro Atlanta organization was recently featured in an article on Bravo's website that floated the concept of the "Real Shelter Dogs of Georgia."

Six dogs from LifeLine Animal Project were included in the story, which channeled the network's popular "Real Housewives of Atlanta" show. Juno, My BFF Jill, Ross, Tyga, Jackson and Clyde made the cut.

Clyde, described as “a laid-back guy with a positive, can-do attitude,” has already been adopted, a Lifeline spokeswoman said Monday. The rest of the “cast members” were still available for adoption.

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The article instructs anyone interested in adopting any of the dogs, or learning more about the shelter's other dogs or cats, to contact and visit

The cost to adopt dogs from the shelter varies. LifeLine often holds promotions allowing dogs to adopted for free or low prices. Last month, all dogs could be adopted for $85.

LifeLine shelters include DeKalb County Animal Services, Fulton County Animal Services, the LifeLine Dog House & Kitty Motel and the LifeLine Cat Adoption Center.

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