Felon arrested on drug charges after dog left in hot car at Walmart

A felon is back in trouble after police discovered drugs and a gun in his car parked outside a Walmart in Gwinnett County.

Temperatures inside Brandon Lockett’s car were rising about 4 p.m. on Oct. 13 and a woman called 911 to report a small dog left inside, according to a Gwinnett County police report.

The car was parked outside the Walmart on Pleasant Hill Road in Duluth.

The officer who responded, Misty Howell, didn’t have a thermometer to check the internal temperature so she called for help from fire and animal control services, according to the report. An animal control worker reached through the cracked window and unlocked the door to free the dog. Howell put the dog in the air-conditioned patrol car and gave it food and water, the report states.

When the dog’s owner walked into the parking lot it was almost 5 p.m., police said.

After discovering Lockett had a warrant out for his arrest, Howell handcuffed him and turned to interview a woman, Shanery Ross, who was with him. Ross’ name matched the name on the vehicle registration, Howell wrote in the report.

Howell told Ross she saw marijuana in the car and had probable cause to search.

Ross said there was less than a gram of marijuana in the car. Howell searched both the car and the trunk, where she found about 4 grams of cocaine, digital scales, a loaded pistol, $100 of cash and more marijuana, according to the police report.

Ross was released with a citation for cruelty to animals and Lockett was taken to jail for the outstanding warrant as well as felony charges of cocaine and marijuana possession, intent to distribute marijuana and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.

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