Fayette County will seek legal fees from GOP

The Fayette County Board of Commissioners will not reverse its decision to recoup $30,000 in attorney’s fees from the Fayette County Republican Party.

The commission voted 4-1 last year to recover the fees related to the county’s involvement in a lawsuit involving former Board of Elections member Marilyn Watts. The county provided legal services to Watts when she was accused of misconduct by the FCRP, which attempted to remove her from the elections board. The Fayette County Superior Court awarded the legal fees after ruling in January that the GOP lawsuit against Watts was “abusive and frivolous,” even though her son, former FCRP chair Lane Watts, was later convicted of voter fraud.

At Tuesday’s meeting, the FCRP asked the county not to collect the fees, but a majority of commissioners said their fiduciary responsibility to taxpayers requires that the fees be repaid.