Exotic animal sightings: Metro Atlanta has had its share

Tuesday’s Siberian lynx attack on a woman in Buckhead got us thinking about other exotic animal sightings in metro Atlanta in recent years. Who could forget the wild hog that menaced a Lithonia neighborhood in 2013, or the hapless zebra that escaped from the circus and dashed through downtown Atlanta traffic in 2010? That was the second zebra sighting after one was found injured and grazing by the side of the road in Spalding County in 2008.

In case you missed them, here’s a list:

In April, authorities searching a home in Woodstock for drugs found a tegu, a type of lizard. Read the story here.

In September 2017, a Bengal Tiger was shot by police after it threatened a dog in Henry County south of Atlanta: Suzy the tiger shot by police

In September 2013, hunters captured a wild hog in a Lithonia neighborhood. Photos: Wild hog hunt

In September 2012, an alligator took up residence in a lake in Lawrenceville. Story: Gwinnett neighbors fret over resident alligator

On Feb. 20, 2010, a circus zebra brought traffic to a halt on the Downtown Connector during rush hour. Photos: Zebra on the loose in Atlanta 

On Feb. 28, 2010, DeKalb police shot and killed a bison that fell off a truck on I-20. Story: Bison injured by car on I-20 euthanized by police

August 2010: A venomous rattlesnake was missing for two days from Zoo Atlanta before being found dead about 100 yards away on a front porch. Turns out, a resident in the area had no idea where the snake belonged and beat it to death.

In April 2007, a zebra was found injured and grazing on the side of a road in Spalding County. Rescuers named it "Evidence."


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