Even head judge of Georgia’s highest court gets called for jury duty

It appears not even the biggest of cheeses, the highest of head honchos in Georgia’s judiciary system is immune from that letter in the mailbox.

You know the one ordering you to be at a courthouse early some morning ready to serve your community.

Yep, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Georgia Harris Hines got summoned for Cobb County jury duty.

Credit: Supreme Court of Georgia

Credit: Supreme Court of Georgia

Hines is a former Cobb judge who ascended to his spot on the state's highest bench in August 2013, according to his biography.

The Marietta resident went to Cobb County Superior Court at 8:30 a.m. last Monday and appeared before Judge Kim Childs as required.

“He was his true southern gentleman self. You’d never known he was there,” said Debbie Matthews, with the superior court’s jury administration division.

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It happens that all the cases pleaded out, Matthews said, so there was no need to consider whether maybe the most over-qualified Cobb juror ever was needed on an impartial jury of his peers.

"As citizens, each of us has a duty — and the privilege — to serve as jurors when called. I'm no different than anyone else," Hines said in a statement.

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