Duluth installs ‘Don’t Block the Box’ signs

The Gwinnett County Department of Transportation in partnership with the Gwinnett Place Community Improvement District recently installed 13 “Don’t Block the Box” signs and pavement markings to remind drivers to keep the intersections clear so traffic can flow smoothly. Signs and pavement markings have been placed on Pleasant Hill Road at Venture Drive, Pleasant Hill Road at Gwinnett Place Drive and Steve Reynolds Boulevard at I-85, including both ramps.

The signs will alert drivers to the giant white X’s painted in the middle of multiple intersections, to prevent cars from sitting in the middle of intersections when the light changes to red.

“This is an initiative that began in coordination with the Georgia Department of Transportation at other locations,” said Alan Chapman, director – Gwinnett Department of Transportation. “We have seen the installations improve visibility at the intersections and hope to see the same in the Gwinnett Place area,” he added.

“Currently, there are approximately 60,000 people who commute to the greater Gwinnett Place area for work every day and over 97,000 residents living within three miles of Gwinnett Place. With these new “don’t block the box” signs, this initiative will help regulate traffic and encourage safe driving practices by area motorists,” said Joe Allen, executive director of GPCID. “These signs will not only help traffic, but also keep the area safer for pedestrians and cyclists,” he added.

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