Designer selected for Avondale Estates Town Green project

The Town Green Project, also known as the city-owned 5-acres, now has a designer for the park space. The city of Avondale Estates Board of Mayor and Commissioners chose Site Solutions of Atlanta to design the entire park, according to a press release.

Site Solutions, which specializes in landscape architecture, will lead a public engagement process to shape the design, as well as develop construction documents as part the scope of work.

The company will present a planning process including the planned public engagement to the Board of Mayor and Commissioners in January. Once approved, the company will begin the design process of the park. That design should be available four months later.

In addition to the park, this proposed project also includes a building with ground floor retail and condos above. Together the park, condos, and retail will add to the aesthetics of the community and provide more things to do and places to go. This development is also expected to catalyze additional private investment throughout the Central Business District, consistent with Avondale Estates Master Plan. Taxes from new development will help to share in funding city services.

The overall development of the project itself is being led by Fabric Developers LLC. Architecture for the building and overall project management for the project are being led by Stevens & Wilkinson, whose team has a long history of providing creative and contextual architectural solutions in the urban environment. Construction of both portions is anticipated to begin in the summer of 2020 with an estimated completion date about 18 months later.