DeKalb man survives flesh-eating bacteria thanks to police

If it hadn’t been for the cops, Alan Avery’s doctors told him he would’ve been dead in an hour.

He called 911 repeatedly one day a year ago, complaining of a non-existent robber at his DeKalb County home. Police responded and figured out that he was hallucinating, and it turned out he was in the throes of flesh-eating bacteria, picked up on a beach trip, according to Channel 2 Action News.

“He really believes people are breaking in,” said officer T.P. Dunn.

Dunn, along with officer J.Q. Kelley and officer M. Poon, tried to convince the man otherwise.

Avery refused medical treatment, so Poon called Avery’s husband, Michael Newton. Avery made it to the hospital, where it turned out he was in septic shock from flesh-eating bacteria.

He spent weeks in a coma, had eight surgeries and months of rehab. After it was behind him, he wanted to thank the police who saved him.

They met at DeKalb police headquarters Wednesday.

“Without you, I would not be here today,” Avery said, Channel 2 reported. “I would be dead. Thank you, thank all of you.”

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