DeKalb jailer exposed himself to inmate, cops say

The DeKalb County Sheriff's Office arrested one its own Tuesday.

Jarman Steib, a jailer, is accused of exposing himself to an inmate. The 23-year-old resigned from his job. He was charged with public indecency and violation of oath of office.

Steib apparently visited a male inmate on Saturday, according to police. The two men were friends from high school, Steib told police.

The inmate claims that Steib sexually assaulted him, but Steib denies the claim, according to police. Each man apparently exposed himself to the other during the visit. The incident is still under investigation.

The inmate, currently jailed on three counts of armed robbery and various other charges, was previously an inmate at the Gwinnett jail. Steib apparently visited him there, too.

Steib had been employed as a jailer since September 2007.