Decatur offering free street parking for to-go orders

The city of Decatur is now providing 30-minute free parking on all on-street metered parking in downtown Decatur as part of its COVID-19 response plan, according to a press release. This allows patrons to pick up a to-go order from one of the restaurants and shops.

To receive 30-minute free parking from a meter, download the free ParkMobile App on your phone; enter “7801” in the Zone Number; and enter the promo code “BESAFE”.

By using the ParkMobile App and the BESAFE promo code, you will receive 30 minutes of free parking and do not have to touch the pay stations. The ParkMobile App is free and you are able to use it in Decatur and anywhere else ParkMobile has a presence, such as the City of Atlanta (But the free parking only is valid in downtown Decatur).

Currently the 30-minute free parking is only available through the ParkMobile App. It is not available if you use coins or a credit card at the individual pay stations. So use the ParkMobile App and activate 30-minutes free parking with the BESAFE promo code.