Decatur close to naming ‘Better Together’ advisory board

Decatur’s commission wrapped up interviews this week for an advisory board that’s charged with executing the “Better Together” community action plan.

The 21-page action plan was accepted by commissioners last December and incorporates 60 action points covering differences in, among others, culture, race, age, politics and economic resources.

A total of 17 candidates were interviewed. Mayor Patti Garrett said the board, with at least nine members, should be named in the next two weeks.

“I’m excited, I think this board will make a real difference in the city,” Garrett said. “But we as a commission won’t tell them what to do. They will come up with their own structure and create their own mission statement.”

It’s anticipated the board will meet monthly and it might take three years to implement the plan. City Manager Peggy Merriss said that she knows of no other city that’s fashioned a similar board.