Curbside glass recycling returns to North Fulton city

Glass recycling has been debated a few times this year in Alpharetta.

Price for the service increased in the spring, then in the summer the city suspended curbside pick-up for glass recycling.

But on Dec. 15, the service will return for residents in the city in north Fulton County. In preparation for that day, the city will deliver 18-gallon bins to its citizens between Nov. 13 and 18.

The bin should arrive on the resident’s normal trash pick-up day, the city said. Republic Services, the city’s waste and recycling vendor, will deliver the bins.

In April, the city's council raised the price for residents who wanted curbside recycling, making the service an extra $3 per month. This came after the city was advised by recycling companies about the dangers of single-stream recycling — when paper, plastic and glass are recycled together — and how glass shards can damage recycling equipment and injure workers.

Recycling companies told the city that recycling glass with other products also had a poor cost to revenue ratio to recycle.

In June, negotiations between the city and its waste collection provider stalled and the service was suspended.

With its new system, Alpharetta residents will have a cart for trash, a bin for paper and plastic, and a bin for glass. An additional truck will be added to the service route which will only pick up glass.

Due to additional operating expenses, the city raised its fee for quarterly waste and recycling services.

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