Cross-dressing man arrested for exposure at Walmart

A 51-year-old man wearing women's clothing was arrested for allegedly undressing in front of children at Walmart.

Police say Norwood Smith Burnes, 51, of Rome, has a long record of indecent exposure and was on probation for public indecency when the latest incident occurred in the women's bathroom at Walmart in Calhoun, the Rome News-Tribune reported.

Burnes was in "stages of undress while on the stone floor and would do this in the presence of several young children," witnesses told police. When police arrived, they found Burnes wearing a short skirt and jacket, black leather coat, high heels, red nail polish, green eye shadow and jewelry.

A witness told police Burnes had been in the women's section of Walmart with his skirt "kicked up showing his white girdle and dark thong underwear," according to the newspaper.

Burnes was charged with public indecency, disorderly conduct and criminal trespass. He has been released on bond pending a hearing in Gordon County Superior Court.

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