County shuts off water, mobile home park condemned

More than two dozen families are being forced to leave their homes in Clayton County after the owner of their mobile home park fell behind on the property's water bill, Channel 2 Action News reports.

Tenants of Maria's Mobile Home Park in the 7000 block of Tara Boulevard near Jonesboro tell Channel 2 that they’ve been without water for eight days.

“We get water from other people to wash dishes and wash … our clothes and flush the toilet – anything we have to do,” said Tracy Reynolds Sorros, whose family is one of 27 in the park.

The Clayton County water authority cut off supplies when the outstanding water bill reached $16,000. Now, authorities have condemned the park and have told the residents they have to leave.

Vicki Holland, owner of Maria’s, is supposed to pay the water bill out of payments collected from her tenants. Holland blamed the water authority for the problem, telling Channel 2 that it hasn’t fixed the leaks that caused the bill to go so high, she can’t afford to pay it.

In a prior interview with Channel 2, Holland said she started receiving unusually high water bills of more than $4,000 a month in April.

County water officials have stood by the bill, saying they read one water meter for the mobile home park, the meter is operating properly, and the park owner is responsible for paying the bill.