County sewer cleaners coming to Alpharetta

Alpharetta is advising residents that those folks they may see over the next several weeks, driving around in trucks and looking into manholes, are contractors working for Fulton County to clear sewer lines of grease, roots and debris. As contract workers, neither they nor their vehicles will display Fulton logos.

The work affects solely sewers owned by the county, but some may be accessible only from private property, Alpharetta officials said. If a property owner objects, the contractor will move to another location and notify the county to follow up.

Workers typically will have water, vactor and hose trucks and associated trailers, loaders and mixers, and they will draw any water they need from hydrants, the city said. While every effort will be made to avoid a hose, hose nozzle or camera getting stuck in a sewer, if that happens, it may be necessary to excavate to dig it out.

People with questions can contact project manager Justyna Grinholc at 404-613-8622.