Cops: N. Fulton man dragged across parking lot after giving directions

A man was dragged across a parking lot by people in a van after he gave them directions, he told Channel 2 Action News. Police are searching for suspects.

A Sandy Springs man says he was left badly injured after people in a van dragged him across a parking lot in an apartment complex.

The man — who spoke to Channel 2 Action News but asked to not be identified — said his body hit two cars and he broke his collarbone, had bruises all over his body, a twisted ankle and a concussion.

The incident occurred on Jan. 18 on Spring Creek Lane. Police are still searching for suspects.

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“It’s crazy,” the victim told Channel 2 while his right arm was in a sling. “Basically I was trying to help somebody out and I ended up being the victim of a stupid crime.”

A 911 call from a neighbor who heard banging in the parking lot alerted police to the scene.

“Just heard a big, like, bang down the street,” the caller said, according to the 911 call obtained by Channel 2.

The victim told the station that he was jumping his own car in the parking lot when the van pulled up and the people inside asked him for directions. The man said he was giving directions, then looked down at his phone to check a text message. He says that’s when the people inside the van grabbed him and took off, dragging him in the parking lot.

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“They pretty much grabbed my hand and pulled the phone in as I was holding it still,” the victim told Channel 2. “They seen that I had a grip on the phone and pretty much grabbed my whole arm in the window and drove through the complex and was smashing me against cars.”

Anyone with information about the incident can call Sandy Springs Police at 770-730-5600.

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A van pulled up while trying to jump a car, when the attackers went for the man's phone.

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