Convicted rapist charged in two 1986 Marietta rapes

A convicted rapist serving time in state prison for a 1988 Marietta rape has been charged with two other rapes that occurred two years earlier in Marietta, police said.

According to Marietta police spokesman David Baldwin, detectives reviewing old case files found two open cases from 1986 where DNA evidence was collected.

“A review of the two open rape cases revealed that not only did the DNA match that of Antonio Brooks, but the methodology used in the 1988 rape conviction matched that of the two open cases as well,” Baldwin said.

Brooks, 44, has been charged with rape, aggravated assault and burglary in one of the 1986 cases and rape and burglary in the second case.

He is currently serving time at the Lee State Prison in Leesburg, Baldwin said.

Baldwin said the two 1986 rapes as well as the 1988 rape in which Brooks was convicted were committed within a quarter-mile of one another.