Company releases butterflies in celebration

Arrow Exterminators is more than a pest control business. They are equally rooted in community involvement.

“Trevelino Keller came to us a while back with this really great idea to continue to give back to the community and to celebrate Mother’s Day with this special touch to go with a hands-on activity for the children to enjoy with their parents and patients of CHOA,” said Senior Vice President of Marketing Mike Malone.

Springboarding off the garden spaces at Egleston and Scottish Rite fit in perfectly with the exterminator touch of incorporating beautiful butterflies.

Continuing in their 21 years of partnership with Children’s Health Care of Atlanta, Arrow reconfigured this year’s celebration of Mother’s Day.

In past years, Arrow brought in arts and craft activities for kids to enjoy outside with their families. The release of 100 Pink Lady butterflies into the gardens extended the fun – channeling family moments and memories.

Always a heartfelt time shared - warmed by squeals of joy, pointing of fingers in excitement and awe, welcoming the released butterflies.

“Mother’s Day is such a special day and it’s such a good feeling to give back,” he said.

Malone added Monarch butterflies this year for a greater striking visual.

The Arrow team dropped off company-branded coloring pages with packs of crayons at Egleston and Scottish Rite. There were five different themed pages to color: ants, ladybugs, caterpillars, bumblebees and butterflies.

With the camera rolling, Emily Kendrick (CEO), Shay Runion (Chief HR officer) and Malone released 100 Painted Ladies and two dozen Monarchs at Arrow’s headquarters in Sandy Springs.

On Mother’s Day, the butterfly release played at the two CHOA branches on a loop in patient’s rooms.

“We missed that warm in-person experience this year, but I do think we got better exposure as more patients, parents and families were able to enjoy it because in the previous years, not everyone could go outdoors or come down for the event,” he said.

In the video, left to right: Shay Runion (Chief HR officer), Emily Kendrick (CEO), Mike Malone (Sr VP of Marketing).

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