Cold snap's cost: A breakdown

Officials across Georgia are shelling out for costs related to the recent cold snap, from road salt supplies to fixing broken water mains.  Few governments had a final tally of their costs, but some provided a smattering.  Most of the following are estimates:

  • Georgia DOT

Salt, gravel, de-icer supplies: more than $940,000

Includes at least 9,000 tons of salt and gravel spread, 1,500 gallons of de-icer

Operating equipment: about $350,000

Labor: about $400,000.  This likely is not extra cost, but will be hours taken away from normal maintenance tasks.

  • Fulton County

County sand and salt: $6,860

County overtime: $4,231

School system sanding and salting: $7,500

  • DeKalb County

School system: used up its salt and sand supply

County supplies, overtime and damages: $250,000


Water main repairs: $80,000

County building damages: $25,000

  • Cobb County

400 tons of sand and salt: $70,000

Cobb DOT overtime: $22,000

Cobb parks department overtime: $8,600

  • Gwinnett County

About 15 county trucks spreading sand and salt: $40,000 to $50,000

Gwinnett County Schools de-icing materials and labor: about $10,000

  • Atlanta

Sand and salt: $82,850

Overtime from sanding and salting: $37,500

  • Alpharetta

Labor: $19,919

Sand and salt: $2,992

  • Kennesaw

Overtime: $2,300

Roads materials: $1,000

  • Milton

Police overtime: $1,350

Vehicle damage: $1,050

  • Decatur

Sanding and salting: $2,000

  • Sandy Springs

City and contractor crews sanded and salted 54 miles of road

Sources:  city and county governments; Georgia DOT; school systems

Shane Blatt, Ralph Ellis, Pat Fox, Ariel Hart, April Hunt, Megan Matteucci, Gracie Staples, Eric Stirgus and Steve Visser contributed to this list.