Cobb pizza restaurant apologizes for Facebook transgender posting

The owner of the Jammin Pie, a Cobb County pizza restaurant, is apologizing for a Facebook post that an Atlanta nonprofit said attempted to humorously pitch pizzas at the expense of the transgender community.

Health Initiative, which promotes health issues in the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community, urged supporters to call Jammin Pie on Wade Green Road in Kennesaw to "let them know exactly how you feel about this."

In the Facebook posting, the restaurant reportedly took a shot at frozen pizza with a photo and caption that read: "If you can't tell the difference between delivery and DiGiorno, there's a good chance you've been fooled by a tranny once or twice too."

According to Project Q Atlanta, a news site targeting the LGBT community, the Jammin Pie post appeared on Thursday.

Jammin Pie owner David DeSantis rejected the Health Initiative’s suggestion that the post was malicious. The restaurant describes itself as “a non PC [politically correct] establishment dedicated to the promotion of excellent pizza, freedom and rock n’ roll.”

“I apologize to the offended,” DeSantis said on Facebook, “but humor is comfort and that is always my intention.”

DeSantis noted that he has a staff of “all races sexual orientations religious beliefs.” His posting was accompanied with a rainbow flower and the heading: “I am an ally.”

In urging supporters to contact Jammin Pie, Health Initiative said, “This type of disparaging language and attitude contributes to the poor treatment trans & gender-nonconforming individuals receive on a daily basis.”