Cobb man sentenced for shooting friend during argument over rent

Dreson Tuberville

Credit: Cobb County Sheriff's Office

Credit: Cobb County Sheriff's Office

Dreson Tuberville

Dreson Tuberville waited until his friend was leaning in for an apology hug to shoot him in the leg, a prosecutor says.

The men had been arguing over rent at the Cobb County apartment where the friend had been letting Tuberville stay a year ago, according to the Cobb district attorney’s office.

On Thursday, Tuberville was sentenced to eight years in prison.

Cobb Superior Judge Reuben Green ordered the 23-year-old Acworth man to 17 years of probation after he is released.

Tuberville got into that rent argument at the Baker Grove Road apartment in March 2016.

During the dispute, the friend swung a candle at Tuberville, hitting him in the head, and left the apartment.

Tuberville stayed inside for more than 20 minutes, loaded a 9mm handgun, put it in the pocket of his hoodie and waited on the breezeway.

“(Tuberville) was angry, he was fuming. He wanted to show the victim who was boss. He knew the victim would have to come back — it was his home,” said prosecutor Lindsay Gardner.

A bit later, the man did come back home and apologized to Tuberville. As he leaned in for a hug, Tuberville shot him in the leg and ran.

“He was being the bigger man, apologizing. And what does he get? He gets shot in the leg and nearly lost his life,” Gardner said.

According to the prosecutor, Tuberville hasn’t apologized to his friend.

Tuberville had been free on bond awaiting the trial, which started jury selection Tuesday.

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