Mexican joint in Cobb fixes ‘sticky’ kitchen; OK on reinspection


A Mexican restaurant in Marietta has passed its reinpsection after it was found that “everything is sticky and/or greasy to the touch.”

El Taco Mexican Bar & Grill on East Piedmont Road scored a 93 on Monday, according to Cobb County records.

The inspector Monday noted finding cans of whipped cream with an expiration date of Aug. 17.

Original (published Nov. 6, 2017):

A Mexican restaurant in Cobb County has failed its recent health inspection in part because of a dirty kitchen.

El Taco Mexican Bar & Grill, 1050 E. Piedmont Road in Marietta, scored a 68 on its Wednesday health check. Any score below a 70 is considered failing.

The inspector said in the report that the “exterior of coolers, ovens, shelves — everything is sticky and/or greasy to the touch” adding that “the menus also feel greasy to the touch.”

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There was “raw meat debris” on a slicer.

The restaurant was also docked points for a container of bleach sitting in the sink where food is prepared.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reached out for comment from a manager multiple times, but messages weren’t returned.

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El Taco received a score of 80 during a May inspection and a 96 in October 2016. Both times, the inspector noted either food debris or unspecified blood on kitchen equipment.

Follow-up inspections are usually done within 10 days of the original evaluation.

El Taco Mexican Bar & Grill

1050 E. Piedmont Road

Marietta, Ga., 30062

Read the full report here.

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