Cobb high school graduation rate remains steady as 8 schools see gains

The 2017 Cobb County high school graduation rate is 83.6 percent.
The 2017 Cobb County high school graduation rate is 83.6 percent.

Credit: AP Photo/Julio Cortez

Credit: AP Photo/Julio Cortez

There is a wide spread between first and last when it comes to Cobb’s 2017 high school graduation rates, but overall the district held steady from last year.

Georgia Department of Education statistics released Wednesday show that Cobb’s graduation rate is 83.6 compared to 83.8 the year before.

The number the state uses reflects the percentage of students who started and graduated high school together.

The statewide rate this year was 80.6 percent.

Of the 16 high schools in the state’s second-largest school district, eight saw increases from the prior year.

Six Cobb schools posted rates above 90 percent, with Harrison High School atop the list at 96.3 percent.

At the bottom of the list was Pebblebrook High School at 65.8 percent. That number has fluctuated the past five years; it started at 58.3 percent and peaked last year at 72.3 percent.

Below are the 2017 graduation rates for the 16 high schools:

• Allatoona, 90.1 percent (1.2 percent down from last year)

• Campbell, 79.2 percent (0.8 percent up from last year)

• Harrison, 96.3 percent (2.1 percent up from last year)

• Hillgrove, 91 percent (2.3 percent down from last year)

• Kell, 87.9 percent (2.9 percent up from last year)

• Kennesaw Mountain, 82.6 percent (2.7 percent down from last year)

• Lassiter, 95.7 percent (1.2 percent up from last year)

• McEachern, 83.3 percent (1.4 percent down from last year)

• North Cobb, 89.4 percent (1.3 percent up from last year)

• Osborne, 67.5 percent (2.7 percent up from last year)

• Pebblebrook, 65.8 percent (6.5 percent down from last year)

• Pope, 91.8 percent (1.6 percent down from last year)

• South Cobb, 72.6 percent (0.8 percent down from last year)

• Sprayberry, 85.5 percent (3.8 percent up from last year)

• Walton, 94.5 percent (1.6 percent down from last year)

• Wheeler, 81.1 percent (0.4 percent up from last year)

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Here's what superintendent Chris Ragsdale had to say the first day of Cobb classes this year:

Cobb County school superintendent Chris Ragsdale talks about the new school year at McEachern High School. video by John Spink/AJC

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