Cobb County police officer adopts abandoned 2-week-old kitten he found

UPDATE: The Cobb County Police Department posted on its Facebook page that the cat's name is "Chelsie."

A Cobb County police officer and his family have adopted an abandoned kitten he found off-duty.

The officer, who wished to remain anonymous, found the 2-week-old kitten, according to the department's post about the adoption on its Facebook page Tuesday.

Then the officer's wife stopped by a pet store and picked up some kitten formula and a bottle.

"The couple couldn't bring themselves to give her to a shelter, so this kitten now has a new place to call home!" the Facebook post said. It added: "Looks like they'll need more formula too with this big appetite!"

However, some kittens in Cobb County aren't so lucky — but could be.

Kittens rescued from the fatal flooding in Louisiana last month have been up for adoption all weekend at a Cobb County animal shelter.

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