Cobb chairman challenger ends year with $14,000 campaign balance

Former Cobb Chairman Bill Byrne raised $5,841 this quarter towards his campaign for his old seat against incumbent chairman Tim Lee.

Byrne’s year-end campaign finance reports, filed last week, show Byrne with $24,411 total contributions, including $3,600 in in-kind contributions, and $14,805 cash on hand. His contributions this quarter are mainly from attorneys and professionals, including George Childs Jr., Jeffrey Hamby and The Gunn Firm.

Byrne hopes to raise $60,000 by the beginning of July, and have $45,000 cash on hand available. “It takes about $100,000 to run for a countywide seat in Cobb, but when you’ve got an incumbent, you’re not going to raise that kind of money,” he said. “It’s just not good business to show up on a campaign disclosure form for the challenger of an incumbent official.

Year-end disclosures are due Dec. 31, with a grace period until Jan. 9.

Lee plans to continue his campaign, despite rumors that he may drop out of the race, he told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. He expects to spend between $200,000 and $400,000 on the race.

Announced challenger, retired Marine colonel Mike Boyce registered his campaign with the state campaign finance office in November, but has not filed disclosure reports. East Cobb resident Larry Savage, who ran against Lee in 2010, plans to formerly launch his campaign in January.