Cobb caterer passes re-inspection after dead rat in trap, rodent feces


A catering company in Marietta passed a re-inspection from the health department after a failure partially because of a dead rat in a glue trap and rodent feces.

BiteFull scored a 99/A on its Monday health check, county records show.

Original (published Oct. 5, 2017):

A Cobb County caterer failed a recent inspection by the health department in part due to a dead rat in a glue trap and rodent feces in the facility.

BiteFull, 2217 Roswell Road in Marietta, scored a 57/U on its Thursday health check.

Owner Kathy Lehr told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution that a pest company laid the trap for the rat after she’d noticed droppings in the back of the kitchen.

“We caught him last night, so that’s perfect,” she said the day of the inspection.

According to the report: “Several major risk factors are out of compliance for this facility and are repeated from previous routine inspection.”

The inspector noted a dishwasher not dispensing disinfectant properly, a dirty meat slicer and yogurt expired almost three weeks.

“It wasn’t anything minor when you get a grade like that, but it was easily fixable,” she said.

Lehr said there was also an employee eating a biscuit in the kitchen, which isn’t allowed. “Obviously they won’t do it again.”

She said most everything was fixed an hour after the inspector issued the failure.

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“It’s of great concern for me, but I never had one,” she said, mentioning that she has never failed during her 29 years in the business.

In March the caterer's score was 91/A, and in February it was a 73/C. Any score below a 70 is considered failing.

Follow-up inspections are usually done within 10 days of the original evaluation.


2217 Roswell Road, suite B1

Marietta, Ga., 30062

Read the full report here.