Cobb approves Henderson Park plan

A master plan for the fifth of sixth county parks was approved 4-1 recently by the Cobb County Board of Commissioners.

Opposed was Commissioner Bob Ott since funding is not available for the park’s development.

The Henderson Road property was purchased under the 2008 Parks Bond Program.

On Veterans Memorial Highway near Henderson Road and Nickajack Creek, this property is about 29 acres of forested slopes, according to Cobb PARKS Director Jimmy Gisi.

Adhering to “the overwhelming public request” to keep the property as a passive park, Gisi said there will be an educational plaza for the Civil War earthworks and an historic grist mill.

A unique addition will be an educational flex building with garage doors that could be lowered, for example, for reunions or raised if used as a picnic pavilion, Gisi told the commissioners.

Other features will be an interactive fountain with a splayground, an aquatic education area, open fields and an overlook of Nickajack Creek.

No new maintenance or operational costs are associated with the approval of this master plan.

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