Clayton County health department worker tests positive for coronavirus

A Clayton Health Department employee has contracted the coronavirus and could have exposed the facility's staff and clients to the disease, the county police department said Monday.

The health department was notified that the unidentified employee tested positive on April 16, Clayton Police said. Health officials are trying to identify anyone who had contact with the employee and may have been exposed while the staff member was infectious.

Clayton briefly closed the Harold R. Banke Justice Center briefly earlier this month to decontaminate the building after COVID-19 was detected in several people at the facility. The building is home to state courts, magistrate courts, the Clayton District Attorney's Office, detention facilities and more. Court cases were put on hold during the closure.

The Clayton Health Department said Monday that those identified as having been exposed to the infected employee will be “contacted directly by a Clayton County Health official and will be provided instructions for monitoring if they are not symptomatic. Those who are having symptoms will be offered to be tested.”

The incubation period of exposure to the disease through the employee will end Thursday for staff and clients of the health department, the leaders said.