Clayton County capping traffic fines to reduce need for court appearances

In an effort to reduce the number of people who may need to appear in court, Clayton County is lowering fines for speeding and other motor vehicle violations.

The State Court of Clayton County and the Office of the Solicitor-General are capping the fines for speeding, following too closely, improper lane change and other violations at $50 plus surcharges for what both call “low-risk maintenance and/or moving violations.”

“The purpose of reducing the fines will allow citizens to handle outstanding charges without physically appearing in court and further hinder the potential spread of COVID-19 and lower the number of people needing to appear in court,” Solicitor-General Charles A. Brooks said in a release announcing the change.

The reduced fines apply to those who have pending traffic citations as well as new cases. The offices did not say how long the new cost reductions would be in effect.

Individuals who wish to contest traffic citations may still do so. They will receive notice of a court date via the mail at the address on file with the State Court clerk.

“A valid driver’s license is vital in many aspects of life,” Brooks said. “During these current times, we have individuals seeking employment, needing to apply for different types of aid, and applying for apartments, homes, and even loans. Adding this option for as many citizens that are eligible will make restoring their driving records more convenient.”