Chattahoochee Hills has received a reimbursement from FEMA for damage from Hurricane Irma.

Chattahoochee Hills receives reimbursement for hurricane damage

The city of Chattahoochee Hills recently received a check from the Federal Emergency Management Agency as a reimbursement for the cleanup efforts made by city staff and equipment as a result of Hurricane Irma, according to a press release. The total amount received was $14,237.17.

Prior to, during and after the storm incident fire, police, public works, and emergency management personnel were coordinated through a central Emergency Operations Center within the City Hall. Approximately 454 city employee man-hours were recorded during the 36-hour event window.

Operations included a 50-person shelter with medical, sleeping, showering and feeding resources, shelter operations were manned by Citizen Emergency Response Team volunteers who worked a total of 72 hours, 14 vehicles and various pieces of equipment were

utilized, 671,122 pounds of vegetative debris was removed from roadways, and 267,680 pounds of vegetative debris was chipped into useable mulch.

According to city Manager Robert T. Rokovitz, “if it were not for the countless hours of time and energy sped by Chief Brett with and without the assistance of FEMA representatives, the city would have received nothing to help offset the fiscal impact incurred as a result of Hurricane Irma.”