Buckhead Coalition, Georgia Power partner to remove tree hazards

To protect against the risk of tree damage to persons or property, Georgia Power has moved into emergency mode on the first three troubled trees on the Buckhead Coalition list, according to the coalition’s President Sam Massell. This is measured against the neighborhood data computer-fed for the Partnership with Georgia Power.

First a tree in a commercial area, at 3579 Piedmont Road was removed, and Oct. 21 two in a residential section at 680 Old Ivy were taken down.

The latest action included an oak tree estimated to be 125 feet tall. This procedure was a preamble to the partnership jointly announced by the Coalition and Georgia Power. Initial arrangements provided for the program to start several months from now, but these three trees were in need of immediate attention.

When an ailing tree is pruned or removed, it protects against the damage falling parts can cause, both concerning potential problems with real estate, and with breach of electrical wiring and other utilities such as telephone and cable service.