Rashard Crawley
Photo: Channel 2 Action News
Photo: Channel 2 Action News

Boy needs stitches after incident at school; principal calls it an ‘accident’

Rashard Crawley needed nearly 10 stitches after another boy allegedly assaulted him after a disagreement during a physical education class at an Atlanta public school, Channel 2 Action News reported. 

The 8-year-old Centennial Academy Charter School student was punched and hit with a pole, his mother told the news station.

The school’s principal, however, called it an “unfortunate accident.”

Chabria Crawley said she found out about the alleged attack when she picked up her son Jan. 26.

“I couldn’t look at him because there was just blood running down his face,” she told Channel 2.

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She asked the Atlanta Public Schools system why the children weren’t being supervised.

APS released a statement saying, “The physical education teacher immediately intervened and took the student to the school clinic. The school nurse followed school procedures by attending to the injured student and contacting the student’s parents and Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. The well-being of every student is paramount at Centennial Academy, and the school will continue to enforce appropriate measures and protocols to help keep all students safe." 

The boy told Channel 2 he isn’t happy about the scar on his forehead and he’s a little uncomfortable about seeing the other student at school. 

“I shouldn’t be around him anymore,” Rashard said.

In a statement, Principal Carol Santos said, “In general, students are not disciplined solely on the basis of alleged behavior, but rather for misconduct school officials can determine actually took place. Our inquiry into this matter mainly indicated this was an isolated and unfortunate accident, and Centennial Academy will continue to enforce appropriate measures and protocols to help keep our scholars safe.”

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