Berkeley Lake cracks down on sign enforcement

Berkeley Lake’s Mayor Lois Salter notified residents in December of new efforts to enforce the city’s sign ordinance. In the past, the city allowed nonprofit community organizations to place signs within the city right-of-way for a brief notice of upcoming meetings or charitable efforts.

However, the city’s sign ordinance was changed in 2012 to eliminate any content-based regulations and prohibit private signs on public property. Only official signs, such as traffic signs, are allowed in the street rights-of-way.

Salter noted a recent US Supreme Court ruling reinforcing the position disallowing any discrimination based on the content of signs.

In an effort to comply and avoid potential litigation, Berkeley Lake’s City Marshall is now more diligently enforcing the city’s sign ordinance.

The Chapel and HOAs can put small signs off the right-of-way on residential properties if they are at least 10 feet from the edge of the pavement, with property owner’s permission. Signs on commercial properties have more restrictions and may require sign permits.