Avondale attorney responds to ethics complaint

Avondale Estates released a response by city attorney Bob Wilson Monday afternoon to the ethics complaint filed by Joe Mandarino Friday against the Board of Mayor and Commissioners.

Wilson said the BOMC “can continue to do business [and thereby approve the annexation of Stratford Green] … as long as three of the five elected officials are at a meeting,” thus assuring a quorum.

Concerning the charge that the public hearing to consider Stratford Green’s annexation was not publicized, Wilson said, among other places, the hearing was advertised twice in the DeKalb Champion and four times by the city’s e-newsletter.

Wilson also said the Avondale Ethics Board has “absolutely no authority to cancel the Stratford Green annexation, to prevent anyone from voting in the Mayoral Special Election on March 17, 2015, or to delay the election.”

The Ethics Board will hold a probable cause hearing to assess the complaint, though a time and date haven’t been sent.