Atlanta names 3 finalists in tunnel borer naming contest

Frankly, my dear, we do give a dam. More than 700 of us.

One of the finalist names in Atlanta Watershed Management’s name-that-water-supply-tunnel-boring-machine contest is “Scarlett,” as in “O’Hara.” “Of course. How perfectly classic Atlanta,” says its nominator, Kristen Vick.

The city announced three finalists Tuesday in a contest to name the tunneling machine. More than 700 entries were received between June 29 and Aug. 1.

The other finalists: “Driller Mike,” a play on the Atlanta hip-hop artist’s name, multiple nominators. One of them, Bryan Schroeder, explains, “Killer Mike chews through words and raps like he’s got diamond-tipped teeth. A good role model for this drill.”

And, “Peach Beast,” by David Nixon: “The beast to help keep ATL and the Peach State green, healthy and safe. Plus it’s the beast that eats rock!”

Now it's your turn: Go to to vote for the winner by Sept. 2.

The biggest vote-getter, to be announced next month, gets to participate in a tunnel-borer christening.

The $11.6 million machine will drill a tunnel 12 feet across and five miles long connecting the Chattahoochee River to a 30-day emergency water supply reservoir in the former Bellwood Quarry.