Atlanta Community Toolbank raises $17,000 in annual sale, helps nonprofits fulfill community work

Danny Davis, a freelance production manager, stocked up on various tools at the Atlanta Tool Bank’s Tool Rush 2012. “When I am working on projects, the tool bank makes life so much easier because of the cost,” said Davis, who has used the tool bank’s resources for five years for various projects around Atlanta.

The once-a-year public event was held on Nov. 3 at the nonprofit’s headquarters in downtown Atlanta, near Turner Field, to raise funds for the organization. Started in 1991 by local resident Jeff Woodward, the tool bank became a way to prevent waste and a cost-efficient way to help nonprofits and community organizations complete service projects, renovations, and more.

Over 180 tool types, from basic tools to power tools, are stored in the 11,000-square-foot warehouse. “Any nonprofit or community service project can rent tools from us towards their projects,” said Gina Chaves, director of communications and outreach. “Our only rule is that the tools have to go to a project to serve the community.”

In 2012, the Atlanta Community Toolbank equipped over 2,000 community projects which led to 750 pounds of debris being cleaned up; 1,591 trees and flowers being planted; and, 23 neighborhood blocks revitalized. Nearly 200 agencies have used the toolbank to complete various projects.

The tools cannot be rented by individuals, but the organization depends on volunteers to help manage the all the donations received. “People can donate tools they may no longer need or use, or come down to the warehouse to help us organize, paint the tools [the trademark blue color], or help us organize special events,” said Executive Director Patty Russart.

With the help of volunteers and the community, the 11th annual Tool Rush sale raised $17,000 for the Atlanta Community Toolbank.

Chavez added, “We are just about making the community better and helping people and organizations fulfill their mission to do just that.”

To volunteer with the Atlanta Community Toolbank, visit

In Other News: The DeKalb Lawyers Association partnered with God's Goodness Mobile Pantry on Nov. 10 to give back to the local community. Volunteers from the association distributed free food to residents surrounding the Clarkston Community Center on College Avenue.