American Deli passes reinspection with a 94

American Deli is known for its chicken wings.

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American Deli is known for its chicken wings.

Credit: AJC FILE

Credit: AJC FILE

UPDATE: American Deli passed its reinspection with a 94.

ORIGINAL STORY:An American Deli employee touched raw chicken with their bare, unwashed hands and proceeded to touch other items in the restaurant, according to a recent health inspection by the Fulton County Department of Health.

The eatery, located at 2631 Main Street in East Point, failed its March 10 inspection, scoring a 56. The restaurant received a 96 and a 94 on its previous two inspections.

According to the inspection report, the employee failed to wash their hands when they touched the raw chicken before drying their hands on a shirt. They employee then proceeded to work on the ice machine.

But manager Coco Lin said the inspector’s observation is wrong. There was an employee who wore gloves when she touched the raw chicken, Lin said.

At some point, Lin’s husband, who does not speak English, attempted to help clean during the inspection, but Lin insisted he did not touch the food.

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The inspector also noted that employees were drinking in the food prep area, which is prohibited, and saw a coffee cup on the rack in the main kitchen next to the condiment sauce.

Lin explained she “wanted to drink hot water,” but forgot the beverage could not be in the area. She put it away once the inspector pointed it out.

Other violations include failing to have sanitizer and failing to store uncooked food. The full report can be read here.

Lin said one customer complained about the failed score, but many have been understanding.

“I just talk to them and explain the health department will come back by and reinspect,” she said.

The restaurant will be reinspected March 20.

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