Alpharetta police posted a hilarious Pokemon Go warning video on their Facebook page Monday.
Photo: Credit: Facebook
Photo: Credit: Facebook

Alpharetta police post hilarious Pokemon Go warning video

Alpharetta police posted a fun video on their public safety Facebook page Monday with a special warning: "May cause laughter at the end!"

The video begins with a young woman playing the popular "Pokemon Go" game in her neighborhood.

She spots the coveted Pikachu waiting for her on the street, but right as she tries to capture it, Alpharetta police officer Jason Muenzer appears on her iPhone screen.

While she's confused, Muenzer captures her.

"Thats right, Alpharetta. We've created our own Pokemon orb and we're capturing residents all over the city of Alpharetta not paying attention," he says in the video.

Muenzer cautions players to be aware of their surroundings, check for traffic and avoid businesses after hours or without permission.

Midsentence, he's hit by a car. The driver was playing "Pokemon Go," of course.

"For crying out loud," Muenzer says, "Don't play the game while you're driving!"

Watch the full video below:

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