Alpharetta police get access to Flock tag reader data

Alpharetta is the latest metro Atlanta community to join the Flock. The City Council has approved a five-year agreement with Flock Group Inc. so police can access data collected by the firm’s automated license plate readers.

Several Alpharetta homeowners association already employ Flock cameras as crime deterrent measures, staff said in a report to the council. The devices record vehicle license plates and save the video for 30 days.

Alpharetta police can now access Flock video when investigating crimes. There is no cost to the city, and cooperation with police is voluntary for Flock customers. “Long term, this can not only help solve crimes, it can also be a deterrent as participating neighborhoods have signage indicating potential criminals are being recorded,” staff said.

The Flock agreement is similar to that between the city and Ring LLC for video doorbell data; the Alpharetta Department of Public Safety would request video for a specific date and time range and retain only the footage necessary to an investigation, staff said.