Actual Factual North Fulton: What’s up with parking at City Springs?

The AJC takes you on a tour of Sandy Springs' $229 million government and performing arts center.

This is “Actual Factual North Fulton.” A column where I will answer your questions about what’s going on in north Fulton County.

With City Springs now open, there’s a lot of interest among readers regarding the ins and outs of Sandy Springs’ new mixed-use development. One reader was curious about the parking situation.

The reader asked, "What's the deal on the many new metered parking spaces installed around City Springs? Who provides and supports the electronic meters, and who does enforcement? And where does the money go?"

I took a ride around City Springs and clicked around on the city’s website to see if I could find the answers. And what I couldn’t find, city spokeswoman Sharon Kraun could.

There are 258 metered parking spaces at City Springs — plenty of parking for me, you, your mom, your cousin and OutKast too.

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Those electronic meters are operated and managed by Lanier Parking, which contracts with the city contracts. The company is based in Atlanta and was founded in 1989. They manage parking on properties in more than 50 cities in the United States. Their staff enforces parking at City Springs too.

Money generated from parking fees and fines go toward the operating budget for the new Sandy Springs Performing Arts Center, Kraun said.

Parking at City Springs can range from $1 to $28, depending on how long you'll be parking there, if you're parking on the street or in the garage, if you're there for an event and if you're using valet service.

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