Accused Gwinnett peeping tom banned from Targets

A man accused of taking pictures up a woman's skirt with his camera phone at a Duluth Super Target has been banned from all Targets.

Juan Morales-Garcia, 28, was arrested for allegedly taking pictures up a female shopper's dress  in the electronics section Saturday. Police were notified by someone who saw the suspect on the store's security camera.

According to the police report, the female, 52, was shopping when she caught Morales-Garcia taking pictures of her skirt. She let out a scream, but when no one came to assist her, she ignored the situation.

The woman told the arresting officer she didn't report anything because she wasn't sure if the suspect was doing anything suspicious or not. Witnesses said Morales-Garcia took three pictures up the victim's dress before she noticed him. After being interviewed by police, she agreed to file charges.

Morales-Garcia bonded out of jail on felony peeping tom charges. One condition of his bond is that he cannot go to any Target store.