Why they volunteered for their Democratic candidates

Angie Eells, left, volunteers for the Sanders campaign. Rebecca Baggett volunteers for the Hillary for America campaign.

The Atlanta-Journal Constitution today begins a series of profiles on Georgians who volunteer for presidential candidates. Today we look at campaign workers for Democrats Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. Next: volunteers for the three leading Republicans Rebecca Baggett, volunteer for Hillary Clinton

She has an hour before putting dinner on the stove. Her two girls are at soccer practice, so Rebecca Baggett is heading for the phone and a list of voters to call.

This is Baggett's first time volunteering for a political campaign, so phoning and convincing strangers to support Hillary Clinton is new to her. In her regular life, she is a program manager for the Emory Global Health Institute, which is not linked to the Clinton Global Initiative.

For the next hour, though, she’ll just be the voice on the other end of the phone, cold-calling to get you to vote for Hillary.

“Hello, I’m a volunteer for the Hillary for America campaign…”

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ExploreAngie Eells, volunteer for Bernie Sanders

Angie Eells remembers the moment she believed.

She’d risen before daylight, something she doesn’t like to do. By 6, her Ford Escape hummed along Ga. 15, heading north toward a gymnasium in Columbia, S.C. some three hours away.

Nighttime black made way for morning gray. That hue surrendered to dawn’s rosy blush. The sun rose; so, too, did her spirits. She was embarked on something important.

Just how important became clear when the clinical social worker, part-time newspaper columnist and university teacher from Watkinsville came to the door of the gym at Benedict College.

She stepped through, and found people like herself. People who knew, people who believed. She became a volunteer for Bernie Sanders.

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