Fulton commissioners huddle to plot new course

Fulton County commissioners and new County Manager Dick Anderson are at a retreat today, where they’ll discuss a new direction for county government.

Anderson, hired last month, has promised to pursue an efficient government focused on customer service – a pledge that commissioners have embraced. Today they'll discuss how best to implement that vision at the Georgia Tech Hotel and Conference Center in Atlanta.

Anderson said he’ll ask commissioners to settle on five or six major goals they’d like to accomplish. And he’s enlisted two consulting firms – KPMG and Accenture, which are working for free so far – to help discuss opportunities for savings and additional investment.

Fulton’s critics have long complained that it’s inefficient and dysfunctional – charges that county commissioners have long disputed. But with three new members, the commission seems willing to chart a new course.

“This is a new commission,” Anderson told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution before the retreat began Thursday morning. “This is a new county manager.”

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