Democrats take over Cobb legislative delegation leadership

State Rep. David Wilkerson has become the first Democrat in recent memory to chair the Cobb County legislative delegation.

Wilkerson's unanimous election came a week after a dramatic rift among Democrats delayed officer elections and threatened party unity. Democrats narrowly seized the majority from Republicans on the delegation after 2018's suburban 'blue wave.'

“We worked that out,” Wilkerson said, referring to a walk-out by House Democrats at the previous meeting after fellow Democrat and State Sen. Michael Rhett appeared to challenge Wilkerson for the top position.

Wilkerson struck a conciliatory tone Friday, saying that constituents may not see a lot of changes now that Democrats have taken control of leadership positions. State Rep. Michael Smith was elected vice chair and State Rep. Teri Anulewicz became secretary.

“We’ve always worked together as a delegation,” Wilkerson said.

He did promise a “very thorough transit discussion,” as well as efforts to address concerns over voting access in Cobb.