Atlanta going after millions in unpaid water bills

The city of Atlanta says it’s making progress in its efforts to collect on outstanding water bills, but at least 13 percent of customers in single-family residences are still delinquent on their payments at any given time, including some city council members, a mayoral candidate and Mayor Kasim Reed’s brother.

And no one is getting cut off.

The Department of Watershed Management is focusing collections on big accounts such as apartment buildings or commercial businesses, a city spokeswoman said.

The department has collected about $11.9 million from delinquent commercial accounts, including $1.3 million in the last seven months, and more than $500,000 from apartments buildings and other multi-family facilities.

The water department is concentrating on commercial and multi-family buildings because they offer the greatest opportunity for revenue recovery, a city spokeswoman said.

Single-family homes will continue to get water services as long as they make at least a partial payment, she said.

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