Will 3 percent raise make teachers less upset over merit pay?

In pledging a 3 percent raise for Georgia’s teachers this week in his state of the state address, Gov. Nathan Deal probably won some temporary good will.

The question is whether it will continue if he pursues his plan for merit pay.

In responses on the AJC Get Schooled blog on MyAJC.com and Facebook, teachers remain concerned about performance pay that will link student test scores to their effectiveness ratings and raises. "His sad demonstration of support will quickly fade as he continues to destroy teachers," wrote a teacher on the AJC Get Schooled Facebook page.

On the blog, a teacher wrote, “Please do not call Deal’s one-time allocation to school districts to spend as they please a raise. A raise is a permanent increase in pay. This is a political year scam. If Deal wanted to give a raise, he would increase the state salary schedule.”

To see more teacher responses, go to the blog and Facebook.