Ga student praised for removing trash from beach during Spring Break

Spring break is often a time for college students to hit the beach and get a little rowdy.

One Georgia student is being credited for doing something different during his Spring Break trip last weekend - he picked up trash by hand off Miami Beach.

University of West Georgia freshman Joshua Caraway, 19, was disturbed all of the bottles, red cups and other junk he found on the beach.

“I like keeping our home safe and clean,” Caraway, a biology student who grew up in Stone Mountain, said in a telephone interview Tuesday afternoon with The Atlanta Journal-Constitution about the environment.

Police praised Caraway for his efforts on Twitter, making the Georgia student a social media star.

“#Thankyou for caring about our environment,” wrote Miami Beach police Capt. Paul Acosta, who approached the student while he was picking up trash.

Caraway initially picked up trash with his hands, carrying it to a trash can on his first beach trip last Friday. On Saturday, he used bags given out at the beach to anyone willing to help clean up.

Caraway said police wanted to give him a certificate for his actions. Caraway said he couldn’t attend a ceremony because he had to return to campus. The student said he’s been surprised by the attention, but hopes it raises awareness about the environment. Caraway wants to become an exotic animal specialist.

“It’s really cool because I like that the message getting out that you can always do something to help the environment,” he said.