Knudsen keeps win in Gwinnett school board recount

After a long process that included court orders and accusations of voter suppression, the Gwinnett County Board of Elections released the final tally for Nov. 6 elections. One of the closest races was the Gwinnett Board of Education District 2 seat. But the recount didn’t move the needle much. Republican Steven Knudsen remained the top vote-getter, gaining an additional vote from the count released last week.

“I was cautiously optimistic,” said Knudsen.

He’s already been through some school board training and is excited to begin his role in helping students succeed.

“The biggest takeaway so far is don’t micromanage the superintendent,” he said. “The school district is already in a good place. My job is to help increase those success measures.”

With the race being so close, Democratic contender Wandy Taylor said she’s glad for the process to be over.

“I’m glad that I saw it to the end,” she said. “I’m glad to have closure.”

She congratulated Knudsen on his win but said the photo-finished proved that people of Gwinnett County are hungry for change.

“I’m sure Steve will do a great job,” she said. “I’m sure he’ll listen to the constituents and do what’s best for everyone.”