Kennesaw State cheerleaders will continue to protest

Five Kennesaw State University cheerleaders said Tuesday they will continue to kneel to raise awareness about police brutality and other social issues.

The cheerleaders knelt during the national anthem before the football team's Sept. 30 game. KSU announced a new policy a few days later that prevents the cheerleaders from doing so. KSU administrators have said the policy doesn't have anything to do with the cheerleaders' actions and have told the students the policy was being considered beforehand.

The cheerleaders said they knelt in the tunnel before last Saturday’s game and will continue that practice at upcoming contests, despite complaints by some that their actions are wrong.

“Our passion is definitely stronger than our fear,” said Shlondra Young, a junior.

Scores of National Football League players have knelt during the anthem in the last year to raise concerns about police misconduct and racial inequality. President Donald Trump has demanded the NFL prohibit players from kneeling during the anthem, saying such actions are disrespectful.

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