Schools closed today, what about Thursday?

The dusting of snow, but particularly the glaze of ice under that pretty frosting, caused superintendents across Georgia to call off school Wednesday.

Now the question is, what about Thursday? Will schools be open?

Melting snow and ice and refreezing water on the roads could make for treacherous conditions with the low temperatures forecast for Thursday morning.

That decision has not been made yet, but The Atlanta Journal-Constitution will keep with with the schools systems from Cobb to Clayton, Atlanta to Gwinnett and let you know when we know.

We do know that this is how the decision gets made:

The first step, say officials, is to monitor forecasts from the National Weather Service and local newscasts.

Atlanta’s school system coordinates with the Atlanta-Fulton County Emergency Management Agency, the Georgia Emergency Management Agency, and the Georgia Department of Transportation.

Gwinnett’s school system keeps in touch with the county government, police, first responders and electrical power companies.

Many systems also sent out scouts from transportation teams, who drive some roads to determine if it’s safe for school buses.

In those districts, as with others, the final call comes from the superintendent.

Readers have to respect this response from Decatur City Schools Superintendent David Dude, who posted on his Facebook page about 11 days ago after the forecast of icy rain, which never fell but left schools closed.

“For those who are asking, I am the one who decides when we close school, delay school, or release early. If my decision upsets you, please direct your anger at me. ...I am well aware of how much closing school impacts families. I would love to have school on Monday, but it's simply not feasible when we live in a region that is so ill prepared for ice.”

You can find out more about your school district in the links below:

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